Where To Find The Electron Configuration For Germanium

Germanium is a chemical element that has a chemical symbol Ge. The atomic number of Germanium is 32. It is a hard, lustrous, greyish-white metalloid of the carbon group. It is similar chemically to its group neighbours silicon and tin.

Electron Configuration For Germanium

Its pure form is a semiconductor with its appearance similar to elemental silicon. Same as silicon, it naturally reacts and forms complexes within nature oxygen. Today we will provide you with the electron configuration of the Germanium.

What is the Electron Configuration of Germanium

What is the Electron Configuration of Germanium

Ar 3d10 4s2 4p2 is the electron configuration of Germanium.

How Many Valence Electrons Does Germanium Have

Germanium has four valence electrons in its outer shell.

Germanium Number of Valence Electrons

Germanium Number of Valence Electrons

There are four valence electrons in the outer shell of the Germanium.

Ground State Electron Configuration of Germanium

[Ar].3d10.4s2.4pis the ground state electron configuration of Germanium.

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