What is Meant By Electron Affinity Equation?

Electron affinity is the amount of energy changed (in kJ/mole) when an electron is introduced to a neutral atom in the gaseous state. The resultant reaction may be endothermic or exothermic and produces a negative ion. In other words, it is the capability of the positive nucleus of an atom to accept another negative electron within […]

Introduction of Electron Affinity Trend, Definition & Equation

If you are a science student then it is very important for you to know about Electronic Affinity Trend and it’s equation. According to chemistry and quantum physics, electron affinity is known as the change in energy level of a neutral atom when another electron is added to it in its gaseous state. The resultant […]

Ernest Rutherford Atomic Model Definition, Example & Facts

The Ernest Rutherford Atomic model was given by the New-Zealand born physicist Ernest Rutherford in 1911. According to this model, the atom constituted of a positively charged dense core called a nucleus which constituted the core mass of the atom. It was surrounded by negatively charged elements called electrons, which revolved around the nucleus the […]

How To Draw Easily Electron Cloud Diagrams

In our previous articles, we shared with you various information regarding electron cloud and its significance in the world of quantum physics and science. Today we shall discuss with you some tips regarding how to draw electron cloud diagrams. If you are a science student then you must be required to draw the electronic cloud […]

How To Find The Electron Cloud Non Example of Electron

Electron cloud model was given by Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg in 1925. Through this model, they tried to explain the probable positioning of an atom. According to this model, electrons can be found at certain places in clouds near the neutrons. As you know, atoms are the smallest constituent of matter that is present in the universe. […]

What are the Understanding of Electron Cloud Model

Electronic Cloud Model is an atomic model proposed by Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg in 1926. Through this model, they wanted to explain the probable position of an electron in an atom. According to this model, electrons do not revolve around the nucleus in straight elliptical paths, as proposed by the earlier models. On the contrary, they are […]

What is the Electron Cloud Definition, Facts,Model

Electronic cloud is nothing but a theory related to the position of the electrons in an atom. The model was developed by Erwin Schrodinger Werner Heisenberg in 1925 when they tried to explain the uncertainty of electrons in an atom. It is based on the fact that the motion of electrons in an atom is anything but […]

Why Do Protons and Electrons have Charges?

The atomic structure consists of a nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons and electrons revolving around its orbital shell. Protons are positively charged sub-atomic particle which makes up most of the mass of an atom. They define the property of an element as the number of protons in an atom makes up its atomic number. […]

What are The Neutron Symbol Mass and Charge

Hello friends, last time we discussed the charge of a neutron. Today we will talk about the mass and charge of neutrons and how you can find the number of electrons in an atom. Generally, the atomic structure consists of a positively charged nucleus (consisting of protons and neutrons) holding together the negatively charged electrons […]

What are The Exact Electron Location Found In Atom

Electrons are the smallest and are situated in the outermost shells or orbitals in an atom. It is negatively charged and cannot be broken down further. It has a charge equal but opposite to that of protons, and due to this, they get attracted to protons. The number of electrons on the outermost shell is […]