How & Why Is The Periodic Table Organized

Hello friends! To understand the periodic table better, you need to understand How Is The Periodic Table Organized. The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of all the elements according to their chemical properties and valencies. It is divided into groups and periods.

There are 8 groups in a periodic table. There are 7 periods in a periodic table.

How Are The Elements Are Arranged In The Periodic Table

All the elements in a periodic table are arranged in groups and periods in a periodic table. In each group, all the elements have similar chemical properties and the same number of valence electrons. All the elements in a group are said to belong to the same family since they share the same characteristics.

There are 18 groups in a periodic table, and they are arranged in the increasing number of the valency of elements, from top to bottom. For example, the first group belongs to the alkali metals family.

The vertical rows in the periodic table are called periods. There are 18 periods across the periodic table. The valency of elements increases as we go from left to right across a periodic table. All the elements in a period share similar chemical properties, i.e., they have the same number of electron shells. As you would go from left to right the metallic property of elements across a period would decrease.

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